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November 16th, 2009, 11:53 am

Mon Update!

I probably wouldn't have written this stip if weren't for three interloping factors:
1. I have a good friend who's very much into Ani Difranco
2. Ani recently played a show in Green Bay at the Riverside Ballroom (I know right?! Someone other then Motley Crue playing Green Bay! Total shock!)
3. And Finally, s recent interview on Chicago public radio's Sound Opinions. It was a very through and intimate conversation, and made me respect her a lot more as an artist. (Hence Why I wrote a strip about here music. See how that works?)

If you don't know about Sound Opinions yet then you need to clamp on your good listener ears and prepare to come face to face with a impenetrable wall of rock trivia. Jim and Greg know more about rock and its history then anyone else I can name. Check out their pod casts here, they're pretty bitchin'-
(Try not to get brains everywhere when they blow your mind btw ;))

Also, the title of the strip, from a NoBunny song. Remember that guy? I like that guy-

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