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November 20th, 2009, 7:41 pm

Fri Update!

So I'm discovered Killing Joke recently, and just in time to learn that they're going into the studio soon to work on a new album (sweat tities!). This is news worthy owing to the fact that my tastes have been leaning more and further towards post-rock in recent weeks and I'm not sure if its because I'm becoming a hipster or if its just a side-effect of the swine flu I managed to contract and subsequently fend off in October. Which ever it is, I’m defiantly seeing more Gang of Four in my future.

NPR has released its list of the top 50 recording of '00 in preparation for the end of the decade. The breath of the list is surprising, as is it's- dare I say- accuracy? Leave it to NPR to put all other such lists to shame. Who says publicly funded programs are a waste of time? Dumbies, that's who! (VH1, if pressed, would most likely be one of these naysayers; owing to the shear number of lists they compile, all of which tend to screw the pooch at their very conception. ‘Cause it doesn’t matter how many lists they make, they can’t force me to agree that Black Sabbath was the best of/at anything. Not possible! FAIL!) Anyway, check out the article here-

The good folks at NPR also published a short article on genre definitions of the '00. Its also pretty good and informative/ well informed, even if reading it will make you loose a little faith my generation as well as those to come. Crabcore is particularly ridiculousness, although I'm willing to wager that the onset of Crunkcore may yet result in a flood of murder-suicide before the year is out. You can read all about it here-

Have a good weekend!

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